Maggie combines making ceramics with her full-time role as Creative Executive for the award winning Craft Town Scotland, a community led initiative and registered charity.

"Although born and raised in the city of Glasgow, childhood visits to my grandparent’s croft on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides imprinted an enduring connection with my family and the island.  In particular, I find a special strength and aesthetic quality in everyday implements and their construction: curves; notches; pegs; rivets. Using the vessel as my starting point, the resultant forms echo both the original object and the movement associated with its’ use – curving, twisting and stretching.

The forms are hand-built using strips of craft crank stoneware clay, affording me the ability to exercise control whilst maintaining direct contact with the material. In contrast to this control, the pieces are glazed in a less structured manner. Glazes are not sieved and are applied using a combination of pouring, brushing and ‘flicking’ - multi fired crater glazes add to the rugged texture and are reflective of landscape and the seasons. The work also alludes to encrusted objects recovered from the sea.

Having returned to working with clay after a break of several years, the new body of work still reflects my original preoccupation but is also influenced by my immediate surroundings and the rural environment in which I live. I am constantly inspired by the textures and subtle colours found in the natural landscape but also in the weathered patina of man made objects lying mislaid or abandoned.

Whilst making is a deeply personal expression of my emotional attachment to my family's crofting heritage, I believe it reflects a universal desire to explore cultural, familial and natural landscapes; both physical and psychological.

I am equally comfortable creating work for themed or open gallery exhibitions and welcome opportunities to discuss solo or group shows. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 1997, I have undertaken private and corporate commissions".

Maggie M.Broadley
Contemporary Ceramics
Happyhills 121-125 Main Street
West Kilbride
Ayrshire KA23 9AR